Electrostatic Painting Miami

PERFECT STORM is offering now ELECTROSTATIC PAINTING also known as POWDER COATING is the most advanced method of paint on any kind of metal in Florida.
Since 1992 gathering industrial, commercial and residential experience in painting metal finishes.

Electrostatic Painting   Electrostatic Painting


Practical and non-atmosphere green technology the electrostatic painting method work attracting the paint electrically to the metal then attaches itself to the surface creating a smooth long lasting coat Our specialty goes from building structures, emergency stairs, industrial pipes to airplanes, garage doors, fences even toolsets. No work is too big or too small, ask for a free estimate.
Fully licensed and insured we can provide nationwide service.

Why electrostatic painting?

Using a positive electrical charge on the paint and a negative charge
to the metal that is about to be painted, the paint will stick to the surface of the metal in a magnetically way doesn’t matter the metal shape, so it will wrap the object with no dripping.
Our kits are portable so mobile, it means you have not to move from your location, we go to your place.
We count we a wide variety of colors and finishes.

Electrostatic Painting

There is several reasons to use electrostatic painting.

– Green technology.
– We go to your location.
– Fast Drying.
– No over-spray.
– Smooth and coated finish.
– Custom color matching
– No isolation needed.

What can be painted?

– Perimeter fences.
– Garden fences.
– Pool Fences.
– Chain link fences.
– Shutters.
– Gates.
– Window guards.
– Garage doors.
– Steel doors.
– Lockers.
– Stables.
– Patio furniture.
– Marinas railings.

Don’t hesitate to get your quote, we will help you through the process and we will be glad to answer any question or provide further information.